Frequently asked questions

What are the ready made brands by ZUPERBRANDZ?

ZUPERBRANDZ are ready made brands that are 100% unique, short, recognizable, and even include the matching .com domain name!

How unique are these brand names and domain names?

All brand names and domain names are 100% unique, you’ll own 100% of the copyrights to the brand assets. You’ll receive a copyright transfer document of the brand name. We will transfer the domain name to you.

How original are the logo designs?

At ZUPERBRANDZ we have an extensive range of fresh brand templates, which you can then use as they are, or you can have them tweaked slightly to your liking. You can even use your own custom logo design, or we can design one for you ( please reach out to us for a quote). Once you’ve chosen your template, that template is taken off of our site so that no one else can have the same design. Truly one of a kind.

Will my brand still be visible on ZUPERBRANDZ after purchase?

Any brand purchased will be removed from the website and no one else will be able to buy them after that.

How does it all work?

Upon purchase of the brand, we will then transfer the domain name to you, and we will send you an email with a download link to the logo design files, so you can be up and running as quick and painless as a few clicks.

Where do these brands come from?

All of our brands are hand-made in-house by ZUPERBRANDZ, where our hard-working designers focus on creating brands that have Fortune 500 potential, so there is no need to worry about used or dumped brands, like some other sites.

Who owns the brand?

That’s easy. You will own 100% of the copyrights to the brand assets. Upon purchase, you will receive an email with a copyright transfer document stating that the brand and domain names are 100% owned by you. All of our brand names on offer are unique; we have not trademarked them. You can check by using a simple USPTO trademark search. We wholly own the domain name addresses, and we transfer them over to you after the purchase.