I can now simply purchase ready made brands with a matching domain name?! Yeah... where do I sign?

So Many Ideas - How Can I Name Them All?

Most of the time I wake up and, like every other budding entrepreneur, I am faced with probably one to three new, random business ideas. These are usually the typical "better mousetrap" ideas that ultimately fizzle out. Every few months or so though, one hits me that makes me stop and think, "Oh, wow, has no one done this before?" Which, inevitably leads me down the rabbit-hole of searching on the internet for a similar idea.

Maybe I find there are a few existing companies or services, but I see that their brands are simply not unique or memorable, in ANY way. At that point, I might start to feel more committed to really seeing what this possible venture could hold for me, and then EVEN MORE new ideas for names of companies, services, and start-ups will start to pop into my head!

Doing The Impossible - With Purpose

Now imagine going through ALL OF THAT, and then well after my personal commitment to the idea was fully forged in my entrepreneurial heart - THEN discovering that the domain name was actually ALREADY IN USE by someone else? ...WHAT!?

When I was first starting out, this happened one time and for whatever random reason, I will never forget thinking, "Oh, that's why they say that Tony Hawk INVENTED the '900'".

Because, even though the '900' was just a seemingly impossible trick where someone spins around two and a half times in the air on a skateboard, and anyone could imagine that ~ it wasn't until Tony Hawk actually did it that the idea came into reality.

Ironically enough, this is pretty much how naming domains work. However, it can be difficult to remember to search for a domain name when I am more focused on the underlying theory or concepts behind my new idea!

But finally, imagine - what if SOMEONE ELSE could take care of all of that headache FOR me? What if I could avoid having to do a successful '900' just to gain control of the perfect domain name for my idea?

Eliminating The Stress Of Naming Brands

Enter: Zuperbrandz.

ZUPERBRANDZ offers ready made brands that are 100% unique, short, recognizable, and even include the matching .com domain name!
It’s truly as simple as that. I am able to simply buy the name I like, and start using the brand right away.

I was truly amazed that I could step right into the perfect situation for my new business ideas and not have to waste any more unnecessary time with fumbling around a brand name. These are creative and unique designs while also being cost effective, so it truly is a win-win. Not to mention that coming up with short domain names is also especially challenging, so Zuperbrandz is a major time saver as well.

Remember To REALLY Research Your Brand Name - Or, Just Use Zuperbrandz

At the end of the day, I still have to give major credit to anyone willing to do a '900' for their own branding efforts - I salute you - but that's just not for me! I am going to take the much simpler and easy route, and use Zuperbrandz for making premium, cost-effective brand names with premium results. To NOT utilize this amazing service would take a lot of specific training in fields and practices that I am not planning to invest in anytime soon!

Plus, think of it this way - by not having to do a '900' on this aspect of my branding, I can simply focus on doing a '900' where it really counts - for my clients.

Try Zuperbrandz today - have a new brand tomorrow.